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Beginners Mandala Course

Updated: Jul 8

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Have you been looking at the amazing mandala artworks by other artists and wondering how do they make those ?

Have you ever wanted to learn Mandala but can't find a flexible course that lets you learn at your convenient time without altering your schedule?

Have you wanted to have a course which gives you lifetime access, lifetime doubt clearance and 24*7 unlimited feedback and corrections?

Have you ever wanted to find a course that teaches Mandala from basics and includes all the techniques ?

Have you ever wanted to learn mandala but afraid because you don't have any art experience ?

If you could relate to any of the above questions, then you have definitely landed at the right place. Because I have a Beginner's Mandala Course that starts from absolute basics, have lifetime access, lifetime doubt clearance, 24*7 unlimited feedback and corrections and everything that you have ever wanted in an online course.

The course includes:

mandala course, learning mandala, mandala for beginners, beginners mandala course, mandala workshop

  • Introduction to mandala

  • History and Benefits of mandala

  • Basic supplies used

  • Types of grid and grid making

  • Working on wrist movements

  • Working on lines

  • Working on curves

  • Basic shapes

  • Layering of shapes

  • Concept of double shapes and double lines

  • Basic mandala making

  • Basic motifs

  • Connecting various motifs

  • Mandala borders

  • Connectors

  • Pattern creation technique

  • Step by step 5 mandalas

  • Steps to choose perfect paper for your artworks

  • Different types of papers and their uses

  • General knowledge about papers

  • Paint a mandala using acrylic 

  • Downloadable resources  In this bundle you will receive - 40 simple mandalas - 10 pattern tutorials - 30 detailed and intricate mandalas (Suitable to be printed in size bigger than A4) - 10 elongated mandalas - 10 geometric mandalas - 30 Kaleidoscopes

Having taught more than 6000 students globally, I have designed this course which not only is perfect for beginners, but is also going to help you improve your confidence. When sharing your work in group chat and receiving feedback on it, you are being prepared for handling criticism on social media and helping you improve your confidence to share your work in front of the audience. Each and every aspect of the course is scientifically designed to help you grow as an artist.

Still have doubts ??

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Yayyy !!! You have come so far... Why not become a part of the community, learn this beautiful and meditative art form, grow a skill, and start your art career?

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