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Strokes and Stories

Updated: Feb 2

Picture this: a vibrant art fiesta right in the heart of Cubbon Park, Bangalore. It's not just an art workshop; it's a picnic adventure that promises creativity, camaraderie, and a ton of fun! Lots of stories, new friends and learning. Greenery all around, chirping birds, fresh air and art. Can it get any better ?

Cubbon Park isn't just a green oasis; it's our playground for imagination! Amidst the trees and flowers, I've set the stage for an art extravaganza that breaks free from the confines of indoor classrooms. "Strokes and Stories" is all about turning your creativity loose in the great outdoors, fostering a day of joy, artistic expression, and community bonding. Another reason to choose a public space was to make these workshops affordable and unique. I tried reaching to various Cafe and venues but their commission increases the registration charges significantly.

Each session of "Strokes and Stories" is a wild ride into uncharted artistic territory. Whether it's painting, sketching, crafting, or a fusion of all things creative, we're here to explore it together. Outdoorsy art is all about embracing the unexpected, with Mother Nature as our muse, whispering inspiration through the rustling leaves. In every session, we learn a new art form in a completely beginner friendly manner. These workshops are curated to suit kids and adults who have no art experience, making it a fun and learning experience for everyone.

Why stay cooped up indoors when you can let your artistic spirit run wild under the sun? Research says that being surrounded by nature unleashes your creative mojo and reduces stress. "Strokes and Stories" takes full advantage of this, offering a unique blend of creativity and fresh air, making your art journey not only exciting but also therapeutic. Enjoy this with your family or friends and I guarantee that it will be a memorable experience.

Forget about lugging around a backpack full of art supplies. I've got your back! Every participant receives a complete art kit, loaded with everything you need. From brushes to sketchbooks, it's like an artist's dream come true. All you need to bring is your enthusiasm – leave the rest to me!

"Strokes and Stories" is not just about art; it's about making art accessible to everyone. These workshops are pocket-friendly, ensuring that the joy of creativity doesn't come with a hefty price tag. Whether you're a seasoned artist or a curious beginner, my doors are open, and my art community is ready to welcome you with open arms.

Ready to make your mark on the canvas of life? "Strokes and Stories" is not your ordinary art workshop; it's a full-blown art picnic! Grab your pals, head to Cubbon Park, and let the good times roll. Unleash your creativity, forge new connections, and let every stroke tell a story because, at "Strokes and Stories," the canvas is yours, and the adventure is waiting to unfold!

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