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Community Warli Painting workshop

Updated: Jun 18

Recently, I had the privilege of being part of an incredible event that truly celebrated the spirit of togetherness and creativity. Organized by the Ahmedabad Municipal Association, the Community Street Art Carnival was a vibrant three-day extravaganza where artists and common folks alike came together to paint walls, showcase their art, and participate in various workshops. This was an event by the community, for the community, and it was nothing short of magical. I do have an online Warli painting course, but teaching it offline, to such young kids was a completely new experience.

Among the many workshops, I had the joy of conducting a Warli painting session. Warli art, with its simplistic yet profound storytelling, seemed perfect for engaging the community, especially the children. Little did I know that this would be an adventure in itself! The plan was simple: draw outlines of Warli figures and let the kids fill them in. Easy, right? Well, let's just say the reality was a lot more colorful—and chaotic! We had a swarm of enthusiastic young artists, all eager to make their mark. They were full of energy, imagination, and a lot of excitement.

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While my initial idea was to provide structure with pre-drawn outlines, the kids had their own plans. As I helped one child carefully fill in a figure, another would happily start painting outside the lines or adding unexpected colors. What we ended up with was a series of Warli paintings bursting with a riot of colors and imaginative additions. Managing a workshop with so many young participants was a lesson in patience and adaptability. Each child needed constant attention, and their creativity knew no bounds. While it didn’t go exactly as planned, the result was even more beautiful and vibrant than I could have imagined. The walls came alive with Warli art infused with the boundless creativity of the children.

The most rewarding part of the workshop was seeing the sheer joy on the kids' faces. They didn’t want to stop painting—they could have continued all night! Their enthusiasm was contagious, and it was heartwarming to see how much fun they had. The event truly encapsulated the spirit of community and the joy of shared creativity. The Community Street Art Carnival was more than just an art event; it was a celebration of community spirit. It brought together people of all ages and backgrounds, united by a shared love for creativity. Artists showcased their works, families participated in workshops, and the streets of Ahmedabad were transformed into vibrant canvases of collective expression.

For those who couldn’t make it, I’ve shared a detailed video on YouTube capturing the entire event. From the workshops and the painting sessions to the final colorful masterpieces, you can experience the carnival’s energy and creativity. The success of the Community Street Art Carnival is a testament to what we can achieve when we come together as a community. I’m grateful to the Ahmedabad Municipal Association for organizing such a fantastic event and to everyone who participated and made it so special.

Here’s to more events that bring us together, celebrate our creativity, and make our cities more colorful and vibrant. Keep an eye out for more community art initiatives, and join us in painting the world with joy! Until next time, keep creating, keep sharing, and keep spreading the love of art.

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