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Strokes and Stories-Session 4

Updated: Jun 18

Welcome to the fourth session of my beloved “Strokes and Stories” series. This time, we gathered under the lush canopies of Cubbon Park for a delightful dive into the world of Warli painting. Each session has brought its own unique charm, but this one was extra special. Why, you ask? Well, for the first time, we had little artists joining us! Plus, it marked a bittersweet farewell as I prepared to relocate to Ahmedabad. But let's focus on the fun we had and the beautiful stories we painted.

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Cubbon Park has always been our artistic sanctuary, offering a perfect blend of nature and creativity. As I prepared to say goodbye to Bangalore, I couldn't think of a better way to celebrate than with a Warli painting workshop, surrounded by the green embrace of the park. The setting was magical as always, with kids' laughter adding an extra layer of joy. Warli art, with its simple yet elegant style, originates from the indigenous tribes of Maharashtra. It’s all about telling stories through basic geometric shapes. Perfect for both adults and kids, right? We started the session with a brief history of Warli painting, explaining how these intricate patterns and figures narrate tales of daily life, nature, and celebrations.

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The highlight of this session was undoubtedly the kids. It was my first time having young participants, and their enthusiasm was infectious. Armed with brushes, paints, and big imaginations, they dived into the world of Warli with gusto. The innocence and creativity they brought to their art were heartwarming and inspiring. Having kids around taught me a valuable lesson in patience. Guiding their tiny hands and encouraging their creativity required a gentle touch and lots of encouragement. It was a beautiful reminder of how art can be a joyful, inclusive experience, bringing out the best in all of us, regardless of age.

As always, I provided all the materials needed. The scene was set with cozy blankets, vibrant paints, and blank canvases waiting to be transformed. Parents and kids alike got comfortable, turning the workshop into a lively, communal picnic. The atmosphere was filled with laughter, shared stories, and the sound of brushes sweeping across canvases.

One of the most rewarding aspects of “Strokes and Stories” has been the sense of community it fosters. Seeing families bond over art, sharing tips, and encouraging each other’s creativity was truly special. These sessions have always been about more than just painting; they’re about connecting, sharing, and creating memories together. This session was particularly poignant as it marked my last workshop in Bangalore before relocating to Ahmedabad. It was a perfect note to end on, surrounded by the smiles of our youngest participants and the supportive community we’ve built together.

Though I’m moving to Ahmedabad, the spirit of “Strokes and Stories” will continue to thrive. Keep an eye on my social media for updates on future sessions. Whether you’re in Bangalore, Ahmedabad, or beyond, there’s a spot for you in our creative circle. So, until next time, keep painting, keep sharing stories, and keep spreading the joy of art. Here’s to many more artistic adventures and picnics filled with laughter and creativity!


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